Hervé Mercey

Woodwind instruments

Repair and maintenance of clarinets [30 hours]

This course covers the basic repair and maintenance of clarinets. It is taught by professionals with several years’ experience.
Course contents:

  • Introduction to the tools used
  • Disassembling the instrument
  • Cleaning of the keys and care of the wood
  • Checking for cracks in the wood and chimneys
  • Repairing keys
  • Replacing tenon corks and key corks
  • Replacing pads (and an introduction to the glues used)
  • Installing and adjusting pads
  • Reassembling the instrument
  • Repairing blocked pads
  • Repairing key levers
  • Repairing springs and adjusting spring speed
  • General repair

The course also covers:

  • Repairing hinges
  • Repairing cracks in the wood
  • Installing springs

At the end of the course, the student is given a toolkit including all that is necessary for clarinet repair.

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